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In today's market, a company with an effective web presence can expect about 40% of its sales revenue to come as a direct result of its Website. This is not idle speculation; it is a fact. So how can your company capitalize on this new, global source of profit? The key is a Website that incorporates all possible aspects of interest to potential clients. At MediaNet Communications Inc., we make it our responsibility to provide clients with a complete development package, from the initial design, to the marketing and promotion of the site, to its everyday maintenance and administration.

Web Site Development:

MediaNet is equipped to offer the full spectrum of design and development services, from customized graphic imaging to copywriting services.

Marketing and Promotion:

Having a Website is pointless if no one can find it while surfing the ‘net. MediaNet has learned through trial and error that the most effective way to ensure Website visibility is good old-fashioned hard work, perseverence and the right technology tools. We offer a variety of ways to get your Website noticed.

Web Site Hosting Services:

All of MediaNet’s 'hosted' clients have their Websites served on a network that is is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a commercial Xtreme Speed VIBE Gateway connection, which ensures high-speed accessing capabilities for your site. MediaNet also offers Website hosting services to companies that already have Websites or host commercial sites themselves, but are looking for a faster, more reliable Gateway.

  Are you happy with your current site and your hosting arrangement, but disenchanted with the traffic your site receives and poor results?

Let MediaNet take care of marketing and promoting your site on the Web. We get results!

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